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Related article: Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 09:56:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Harold Chasen
Subject: Family tiny teen lolita model FuckersThis is a wrok of fiction. tiny teen lolita model All disclaimers and copywrite stuff apply.
I'd love to hear from anyone who likes this kind of thing.
15-year-old Heath was hungrily fucking his 9-year-old sister Jen
doggy-style on her bed. Fuck, her little twat was TIGHT! She moaned
with pleasure and rotated her hips around, fucking herself on his
6-inch cock as he slowly deep-dicked her. He pulled his cock out until
he could just see the rim of his crown, then gently fed it back in until
his pubic bush mashed up against her smooth ass cheeks. Her pussy
was warm and wet and gripped his snake like a vise.
"Oh, yeah, Jen, I love fucking my little sister. Holy fucking shit, your
pussy feels so GOOD!" He reached under and felt her flat little girl
chest, tickling her breasts and pinching lolita boys best sites her tiny nipples as her small
body rocked and swayed with his incestuous thrusts. Then he pushed
himself inside her all the way and stopped."Hold still, baby. That's it. Just stop for a second and let me feel my
DICK inside you! Wanna feel myself just sitting inside my sexy baby
sister's HOT CUNT." He looked down at his pubes nestled in in the cleft
of his sister's buns and sighed. Life had been so cool since his mom died
2 months ago and their dad had introduced them all to the joys of incest
and what he refered to as "kid sex."His mom had fallen down the stairs and broken her neck. A week after the
funeral their father, Nick, had called them all into the family room.
There he had lectured Heath, Jen and their 6-year-old brother Dan about
how life was going to be quite different now that their mother was gone.
He said what seemed a tragic event was going to be a blessing in disguise
and that the future would hold untold pleasures none of them had ever
dreamed. That's when he began to kiss and caress each one of his
children and encouraged them to do the same to each other. For, he said,
without their mother, they would all need to love each other more
Before they knew it, they were all naked and their father was licking and
sucking all over their bodies and their privates. Heath being the
oldest, understood immediately - their father was a sick pervert who had
probably killed their mother and thrown her down the stairs so he could
do what he wanted with his kids. Fortunately, however, watching his dad
make out with his little brother and sister turned him on immensely. Yup,
he understood everything alright, and it only took a split second for him
to decide that he liked it. A lot.Shit, he hadn't even minded sucking his dad's cock if it meant he could
do whatever he wanted with his siblings. His dad, at only 35, was a
good-looking guy, well built thanks to his construction job, and with an
angular, clean-shaven face. He also happened to be quite well-hung. His
10-inch cut piece of man meat was a beautiful specimen as far as such
things went, and Heath got off on knowing his own 6-incher would
someday grow into it's spitting (literally!) image.
As the weeks passed, their father introduced them to all the different
ways they could have incredibly hot sex. Heath began to appreciate his
fathers cock more and more. It was, after all, the awsome thing that had
spat out his sexy brother and sister into the womb of his mother. And
those balls! Those big beautiful balls full of the cum that had made
them all! Heath began to find himself loving his dad's balls and cock
with an obsessioon that boardered on worship.Having lolita nude art russian
only ever mastubated about a few girls in his class at school
before all this happened, Heath was barely in the midst of his
heterosexual awakening when his father had twisted his sexuality to the
love of all things perverted. Incest was IT! Fucking his brother and
sister and worshiping the cock and cum that had produced them was what it
was all about!But then, it became more than that. Heath had witnessed the way his
father had sex with his children. Watched as his dad's lust turned form
tender to nasty. His dad would use filthy words and call them nasty
names. Heath lolita nude art russian loved it and began to adopt his father's attitude when
freaking on his sibling. Finally, one night, his dad had taken him aside
in his bedroom and explained that he had noticed Heath's enthusiasm for
the things he had been shown. He told Heath that they were now more than
father and son - they were brothers. They were cool pervert brothers
who would use the tight little holes of the other two without regard.
His dad told him he could do anything he wanted to his brother and
sister. ANYTHING. They were now two hot sicko ped studs who's only goal
in life was to get each other off by fucking, sucking and molesting the
shit out of the other two as wantonly as humanly possible.From that night on, Heath was a new boy. If he woke up at night with a
hard on, all he had to do was roll over and fuck his brother or his
sister! If they weren't in the mood, that was too bad. They could fight
or cry and his dad wouldn't give a fuck. In fact, his brother and sister
learned that if they cried out in protest, it only real lolita site bbs brought in their
father who would join in the fun of raping them.Not that Dan and Jen weren't compliant. They often got into it,
especially Dan. But it was Heath and his dad, whom he now called Nick,
who controlled everything. They gave the whens and hows of the family
fucking.So, now, as Heath felt his sister's warm, prepubescent vagina walls
griping and sucking his young teenage tool, he went back to seeing her as
the worthless piece of fuck meat she was, and he now
began rabbit-punching his sister's hole. His cock glistened with her
juices as it withdrew and sank over and over. Heath could feel his dick
head bottom out inside her, punching her womb deep inside. The sound of
his smooth hips smacking against her creamy ass cheeks filled the room.
Jen began to whinper and cry softly. He knew it hurt, but he could also
tell she was kind of liking it, as she again began to rock back and
forth, meeting his thrusts and pushing him as far inside as he could go."That's it, you fucking bitch!" he hissed. "Take it! Take your
brother's cock! You feel it? You feel that dick deep inside there? xxx land loli galleries
want my fucking load, dontca, little girl? You want your brother's cock
snot up your fucking cunt!"Jen was indeed in pain. But it was a good pain. She did like her
brother's cock inside her. It didn't hurt nearly as much as daddy's, and
it didn't make her bleed like daddy's usually did. She felt full and
warm with her brother's cock in her, even as his tip punched her gut and
she could feel a slight, dull pain each time he thrust in her. She could
feel herself getting more slippery for him. She knew he liked it so
much, and it made her proud she could make her brother go so crazy. But
still she whimpered.
"Someday, baby, I'm gonna fuck my load in you and your gonna get pregnant
with it. You're gonna carry my baby to term, just like dad says, and
then we'll have a new little retard freak baby brother or sister to play
with. You'd like that too, wouldn't you? Carrying your own brother's
incest baby to term for him. Knowing that only you have the gift www nude lolita com
of life
to give us all a new little sex playmate."Fuck, thinking about all this while he was doing her was incredible."Dad says an incest baby would probably look funny and be stupid, so we
could use it any way we want. Even you! You can stuff it's baby arm in
your pussy while I fuck your ass. Or make it eat your pretty cunt all
night long if you want! Would you like that? Huh?"Just then, the bedroom door swung open, and there was Dan, home from his
friend Kevin's house, fully dressed with ball cap and backpack.
"Hey, you guys are doing it without me again!""Well, get the fuck in here, little dude. Time's a-wasting. Your big
brother's about to blow his load in your sister!"Dan was already stripping down and by the time he got to the bed he was
nude and his 4-inch boner was ready for action. He flopped himself down
in front of his sister and said, "Suck it, bitch!" Yes, Dan too was
beginning to understand the joys of their nasty talk.Jen took her brother's cocklet in her mouth and sucked for all it was
worth. She opened wide and took his balls and dick in her mouth at the
same time. She licked the undercarriage of his little sack and sucked
down around his butthole. Then she ran her tongue up and down the length
of his penis before taking it back in and giving him expert head.
"Yeah, fuck! Suck that kid cock!" Heath yelled. "Suck his little fucking
BABY BONER! Make him good horny young lolita russian and hard!"The two young kids were small enough, Heath was able to reach over his
sister and feel his little brother's junk, all wet with saliva. He held
Dan's mini-cock up stiff for her to work over while he continued to pump
her pussy from behind.
"Yeah, run your BITCH tongue up and down that hot fuckin' toddler cock!
Get his cute little dickie all wet, you underage SLUT!"Suddenly, he felt his balls begin to tense."Dan, hurry, I'm about to cum. I want your mouth on my balls! Get over
here, NOW!!"Dan jumped up and ran around behind his big, strong brother. He crouched
down and obediantly began lapping at his brother's balls and asshole."Oh, God, yeah!" Heath cried. "Lick that ass, kid! Fuck, do my balls!
Suck on 'em and make 'em squeeze my shit out inside this fucking whore
sister of ours!"Danny opened his mouth as wide as he could and was just barely able to
fit both his brother's heavy nuts inside his mouth. He rolled his tongue
all over the fleshy, smooth scrotum."Oh, fuck, that's it, Danny! God, here it comes, dude! Gonna pop 'em
good, guys!"
Heath shoved himself in all the way and felt his brother's warm tongue
literally PUSHING the cream out of his tight balls and into the body of
his baby sister."Oh God-fucking DAMN!!" Heath screamed, as he felt spurt after spurt of
his jism shoot through his dick. He could feel his brother's small
tongue rolling over his balls as they emptied his incestuous seed into
her womb.Heath grabbed his sister's hips tightly as tiny teen lolita model the last of his load dribbled
out of his submerged prick, his body shaking with uncntrollable spasms."Oh, God! Oh, God. Oh, fuck, yeah!" Heath moaned as his climax
subsided. "Okay, okay, enough, Dan. Fuck!"Dan backed off and Heath collapsed on top of his sister's small frame,
breathing heavily. For several moments he just layed there on top of
her, his spent cock still inside her.Then Dan said, "My turn, my turn!"Reluctantly, Heath removed himself and let his brother have what he
wanted. Dan jumped on the bed and flipped his sister over on her back.
His prick was too short to reach her from behind. He had to go in from
the front. Soon he was shoving his pelvis forward, sinking his
impressive (for his age) 4-incher in and out of Jen's bald cunt.Heath decided to help his cute little brother out. He got down on his
knees next to the bed behind Dan's humping little rear, spread his butt
cheeks and shoved his face in between them, probing Dan's hot young
sphincter with his tongue.Dan held still and let his big brother tongue fuck him, relishing the
warm wettness on his most private hole while his throbbing young cock
soaked in his sister's gripping pussy hole."Aawwww, fuck, Heath, that feels awesome! Lick my butthole for me while
I fuck our sister, dude!" Dan covered one of his sister's slightly
puffy nipples with his mouth and suckled, nursing on her immature tit.Heath licked up and down his little brother's butt crack, tasting his
salty fresh boy sweat mixed with just a hint of his brother's kid poop
from his not completely clean asshole."Mmmmm, mphmphph," Heath mumbled into his brother's ass before coming up
for air. "Oh, little dude, your butt tastes so fucking good. Love the
taste of your hot after-school crack sweat. Smells kinda ripe too, just
the way a little kid's ass should!"He gave his little brother a smack on his pale white cheek."Now start FUCKING, dude!"As Dan resumed thrusting his boner in and out of Jen's hot
cunt, Heath wet his finger in his mouth, and shoved it up Dan's tight
hole. Dan let out an excited YELP, but hardly missed a beat as he
continued plowing his sister.
Jen was much more comfortable in this position, with her little brother's
much smaller cock in her. Gazing up at her two beauriful brothers, she
wanted to help out too."Oh, yeah, Dan. Fuck me." she said softly. "I can feel you really good
this time.""Fuck yeah, you can!" Heath said, sliding his finger in and out of his
brother's hole, massaging his young prostate. "Our little
Danny's growing up fast! Bet he's sportin' an extra centimeter or two
since we first started fucking. Soon he'll be fucking cum loads in you
just like his big brother! Makes me SO HOT, thinking about the day I can
taste my little brother's cum and fuck my dick in your pussy hole after
he's shot his wad in it! You'll be a full grown girl by then, with hot
tits and shit. Fuck, we'll both get you good and pregnant! Let him fuck
your stretched teenage pussy after you've had MY kid!"By this time, Heath's cock was fully hard again, and he stroked it with
his free hand while fingering his brother and masaging his little balls
with his free fingers."C'mon, bro! Do it! Let me see you shake and twitch with that cool dry
orgasm!"Sure enough, Dan's small frame began to shiver and vibrate and his
thrusts young nudist lolita pics became more deliberate. Heath LOVED this moment. He loved
knowing his little xxx land loli galleries brother's empty balls were trying to squeeze out
something that just wasn't there yet, and he redoubled his efforts on his
prostate and ball sack."Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oooooooohhhh, SHIIIIT!!!" Dan screamed. Now it
was he who colapsed on top of his older sister. He nestled his head
against her soft, flat fake lolita nude pics chest, his hard dick still in her. He felt his
brother slowly pull his finger from his wet hole.Heath, jacking his ready-hard cock, came around to where the two kids
lay."Fuck, you guys, I'm gonna blow another one! Heads UP!"Dan raised his head in time to see his brother kneeling by his sister's
head, mastubating his teenage cock furiously. Dan pulled his dick out of
his sister and moved up just as Heath's cock began spewing creamy, white
globs of semen onto his sister's face and mouth. Dan instantly put his
mouth on her's and they kissed with their mouths open as their older
brother shot loads of gooey cum all over them both. Heath pushed his
squirting dick between their mouths and let the last of his jizz spill
out onto his sister's tongue, which was instatly shared by his little
brother."Aw, fuck! Yeah, eat that shit up! Fuck, you guys look so hot sucking
on my load. Two little kids eating my fuck sauce! Fuck I love you
guys! Fuck, I LOVE DAD!!"
"Then why the fuck didn't you wait till I got home from work?"All three kids looked over to see their dad standing in the doorway,
undoing his belt."Ah, hey, Nick." Heath sighed."Hey, dad!" the younger two said in unison."I hope my little beauties aren't too tired to give their old man some
attention." he said."Helz no, Nicky!" Heath said. "Let's show these two fuck brains some
REAL action!!"to be continued....
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